• Manufacturer: China, Yixing;
  • Material: clay;
  • Dimensions: height – 3.5 cm, length – 4 cm.

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Dimensions4.5 × 3 × 2 cm



Tea Deity Cha Shen-Fountain – Frog on a Bean

Elevate your tea ceremony with the unique Cha Shen-Fountain – Frog on a Bean. This elegant accessory not only adorns your tea table but also brings an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony.

Key Features:

  • Material: High-quality ceramic, ensuring durability and a refined finish.
  • Design: Detailed figurine of a frog on a bean, symbolizing prosperity and luck.
  • Functionality: Can be used as a decorative element and a mini fountain, creating a pleasant sound of flowing water that enhances the tea ceremony atmosphere.
  • Size: Compact size allows easy placement on any tea table or shelf.
  • Aesthetics: Natural colors and textures will harmoniously fit into any interior, adding a special charm.


  • Prosperity and Luck: In Eastern culture, the frog has long been a symbol of wealth and luck. Its presence on your tea table will bring positive energy and harmony to your home.
  • Calmness and Relaxation: The sound of flowing water promotes relaxation, relieves stress, and helps focus on enjoying tea.
  • Attractiveness: An aesthetically pleasing element that attracts attention and delights guests.


  • Relaxation: Helps create a calm and serene atmosphere, ideal for meditative tea drinking.
  • Decorative Element: A beautiful decoration that will become the centerpiece of your tea table.
  • Versatility: Suitable for any interior and can be used both at home and in the office.

Usage Instructions:

  1. To make the fountain work, you need to take a few steps:
    1. Bathe the frog thoroughly in boiling water (just pour some over it)!
    2. Place it in clean cold water for some time (5-10 minutes) (the water should have minimal salt and mineral content).
    3. Put it on the tea table, and during tea time, pour boiling water over it!


Add a touch of nature and magic to your tea ceremony with the Cha Shen-Fountain – Frog on a Bean. This charming accessory will become not only a decoration but also a source of harmony and relaxation for all tea-drinking participants.

The water procedure can be repeated.


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