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  • Translation from Chinese: Pu’er from old trees
  • Place, date of production: Yunnan, Menghai County, Menghai Langhe Tea Co., 2018
  • Type: Shu Puer
  • Appearance: dark leaves and large buds
  • Aroma: fresh, nutty, woody
  • Taste: rich, woody, nutty
  • Aftertaste: long, sweet, velvety Infusion color: brown-red
  • The most suitable vessels for brewing: a clay teapot for pu-erh or a thick-walled gaiwan, a fireproof teapot (if brewing)
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Strong and Refreshing Black Pu’er

A great tea for every day.

This tea is harvested in the Dai Autonomous Prefecture of Menghai, in an area where small village houses hide in the shade of century-old trees.

Villages in this region are far apart and often connected only by dirt roads. This is a protected area where wild, centuries-old trees grow. The region is little-known and difficult for tourists to access, so you can buy good tea here at a reasonable price.

The tea is strong yet soft, leaving a long-lasting aroma of honey flowers in the mouth.

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    Як для мене, то чай норм. Мене більше стан зачепив ніж смак. Розплющує очі, перед роботою за компом те що треба.

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