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460 /50g

Light Shui Xian from Zhangpin

  • Place, date of production: Western Fujian Province, 2022.
  • Type: Southern Fujian Oolong
  • Appearance: Large leaves rolled into a box
  • Aroma: Lilac, acacia, with a light hint of jasmine
  • Taste: Refreshing, light, floral
  • Aftertaste: Long, refreshing, honeyed, floral
  • Liquor color: Pale yellow
  • Most suitable brewing vessel: Glass or ceramic gaiwan, thin-walled clay teapot
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South Fujian


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A bright and authentic variety of the famous oolong – Shui Xian (Narcissus).

Light Shui Xian – an unfamiliar taste of the renowned tea! This rare oolong grows in the vicinity of Zhangpin and is processed using a unique technique, packed into 7-gram briquettes to preserve the integrity of the leaves.

It is in Zhangpin where the optimal climatic conditions for cultivating Shui Xian tea are found. It is in Zhangpin where Shui Xian was first cultivated centuries ago. It is in Zhangpin where the original traditions of harvesting, processing, and producing this tea are upheld.

Light Shui Xian can only be found in briquettes! Unlike many oolongs, during the production process of Light Shui Xian, the leaves are not rolled longitudinally as in Wuyishan nor made into famous ball-rolling as in Taiwan. Instead, they are pressed on a special machine, folded several times along and across the leaf, and then sent to the oven for drying.

In the final process, the tea is compressed into briquettes to prevent the tea leaves from breaking during transportation and storage. The integrity of the leaf is of utmost importance as it affects the taste qualities of this tea. It is almost impossible to damage the tea in the small, sturdy briquettes. When brewing, it is essential to consider this fact – try not to break the leaf and brew the whole briquette at once, especially since its weight – 7 grams – is ideal for tea drinking from 1 to 3 people!

2 reviews for Zhangpin Shui Xian “Narcissus” Light Oolong (No. 400)

  1. Eng

    Чжан Пін Шуй Сянь “Нарцис”

    Один з найсмачніших уланів що я пробував у житті. Аромат яскраво віддає нотками жасмину і весняних квітів. Ефект бадьорий та ейфорічний.

  2. Eng


    Конечно похож на Те Гуаньинь, но не на современный зеленушный, а на олдовый. В чашке красивый светлоянтарный цвет. Аромат и вкус – хороши)))

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