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  • Manufacturer: China
  • Volume: 50 ml
  • Dimensions: diameter – 7 cm, height – 4 cm
  • Material: porcelain, multi-colored glaze

The matte, tactilely pleasant surface of the ceramic has an average thermal conductivity, so it is optimal for the tea to reveal its aroma as much as possible. Excellent for yellow teas, warm reds, dark oolongs and puerhs.

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Dimensions7 × 6 × 4 cm




Mingshashan Cup

Simple, minimalist, yet aesthetically pleasing and atmospheric cup.

The beautiful texture of the ceramic body visually resembles sand and feels like the surface of a stone. Made with a porcelain drip effect, it has reddish splashes and is coated with multi-layer glaze. Inside, it features glaze inclusions with a reddish-brown dot. The thick layer at the bottom has a “stone” terracotta shade with a golden rim around the edge. The exterior is covered with a multi-layered combined glaze, ranging from ochre to clay color.

History and Inspiration

The Mingshashan Mountains (“Singing Sand Mountains”) are a true natural wonder of Dunhuang. Six kilometers south of Dunhuang stands the Singing Sand Mountain. During windy weather, the sand dunes produce sounds resembling a polyphonic choir or the distant sound of an organ. From a distance, they take the shape of a golden dragon lying on the horizon. Upon closer inspection, the sand can change its color from red and yellow to green, white, and even black.

Benefits and Features

  • Aesthetic and Functional: An enchanting cup with a convenient shape, not too high, not too wide, and excellent at retaining the aroma of your favorite tea.
  • Unique Design: The combination of sand texture and stone surface with multi-layer glaze creates a unique appearance.
  • Heat Retention: The thick layer of glaze at the bottom ensures your beverage maintains its temperature.
  • Natural Inspiration: The hues and glaze effects are inspired by the colors and sounds of the Mingshashan Mountains.

This cup will be a wonderful addition to your tea set, adding an atmosphere of tranquility and the beauty of natural wonders to every tea session.

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