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An indispensable attribute in the Chinese tea ceremony is the chaban, or tea board. Since the Chinese are sensitive to the process of tea drinking, they have created a huge amount of paraphernalia, which not only provides convenience, but also allows you to fully relax, enjoy the incredible taste and aroma of the drink.


Tea boards are intended as a tray, which allows you to comfortably organize the tea space. They place different dishes on them:

  • gaiwan;
  • type;
  • sip;
  • bowls;
  • tea figurines.

In addition, water can be poured on the tea board, since there is such a traditional well-being that the more water is spilled, the happier the family will be. For the manufacture of boards for the tea ceremony, various materials are used – ceramics, natural wood, bamboo, glass. Also, the shepherd may have a drip tray or a silicone tube for draining.

A wide range of utensils for tea drinking is presented in the online store “Cha”. Among the huge variety there is also shepherd, which you can buy at a bargain price, since our company works without intermediaries. All tea boards are made of environmentally friendly materials of completely natural origin. Boards for tea drinking have a stylish design, attractive appearance, which allows you to choose an accessory for any interior.

What shape can shepherds have

Manufacturers offer a wide selection of products of various shapes, which allows you to choose an accessory for tea drinking that meets individual preferences.

  1. Round (Yang Xing). Compact size model, which can be made of clay, porcelain. The appearance is similar to a tray, suitable for a small company of several people.
  2. Oval (Touyang Xing). Such boards are made of stone and only by hand. They are massive and quite heavy. Such a board is not constantly transferred from place to place, but a special corner is set aside for it.
  3. Square (Pingfang). Made in the form of a box, it allows you to remove all the utensils after drinking tea inside. Such a board can be taken with you to nature, due to its small size, light weight.
  4. Rectangular (Zu Xing). This is a classic version of a tea ceremony board, which is very popular both in Europe and in Ukraine.

The catalog of our online store presents various models of shepherds, with photos and descriptions. You can order a board for a tea ceremony with delivery in Kyiv, Dnipro, Odessa and other cities.[/ Collapse]