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Gongfuhong are varieties of red (we often call such tea black) tea produced using Gongfu technology. The word Gongfu is very famous and popular in China and in this context means a special skill that a tea manufacturer needs to master, apply all his experience and skill in order to fully reveal the taste and aroma of tea.

The raw materials for Gongfuhong are buds or leaves, while the leaves can be either very small or relatively large. Both single varieties of tea plants and blends are used.

Outwardly, Gongfuhong look like a mixture of dark brown and golden-orange curved tea leaves: the buds become golden as a result of processing, and the leaves become dark brown or almost black. These images are often played up in the name of these teas.

Recently, more red tea has been produced in China, this is due to the growing popularity of this type of tea, so many traditionally famous Chinese teas now have their “red” brother. For example, the red “Long Ching”.