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  • Tea

    Tea (17)

    History of tea Today you can buy tea in Ukraine in any supermarket or shop. Tea is an integral part of our life, we do not even think that tea is the oldest drink, whose age is 5000 years. Tea is the second most popular drink in the world, and Chinese tea is one of the most popular drinks in…
  • Teaware

    Teaware (5)

    Chinese people never drink tea in a hurry, but approach this process very responsibly. Chinese tea drinking is an interesting ceremony, which involves the use of a variety of bowls, cups, glasses, teapots, and other paraphernalia. Utensils for tea are represented by a huge variety of items, each of which has its own role in the tea ceremony.
  • Gifts

    Gifts (6)

    Traditional tea gifts and souvenirs are a good option to solve the gift issue on the eve of a corporate party, a colleague's birthday, a women's holiday on March 8th.

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We choose all teas in China and bring only the highest quality farm tea, which grows high in the mountains, absorbing their strength and energy.

Tea Space

The Tea Club is not only good tea, but also a place where you can prepare and drink it. Great tea space!

An exquisite calm oasis in the middle of a noisy city… Here you can relax with beautiful music and the best tea in the world, talking with interesting people

Our Club stood at the origins of tea culture in Ukraine, since 2002 we have been professionally working with tea to give people pleasure, health and a piece of zen

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清香Цинсян – аромат свіжості. Чистим (свіжим) зазвичай називають аромат шен пуеру або…

Чай, щоб перло

Одне з найпоширеніших питань, які нам ставлять – «А від чаю пре?»….

Небесні очі

Немов всі таємниці космосу і зірок відображені в цьому прекрасному виробі. Ви…

Online store of Chinese tea from the Tea Club “Cha.com.ua”

“The mouth decides on the perfection of tea”

Lu Yu (733–804), revered in China as one of the tea gods (Cha Shen)

The tradition of drinking tea came to our region from the East several centuries ago. But we really got acquainted with the true tea culture quite recently. Only 20 years have passed, and now tea lovers drink a variety of green, black, oolong, white tea not only in the morning, but throughout the day. Each of the tea varieties has its own special taste and aroma. In addition to being a delicious drink, tea has many health benefits. It tones, helps normalize blood pressure, regulates blood sugar levels, improves performance, skin condition.