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  • Translation from Chinese: Oolong using gaba technology
  • Place, date of production: o. Taiwan, Taipei, 2023
  • Type: Taiwanese oolong
  • Appearance: spherical twisted tea leaves, dark green color with light veins
  • Aroma: fruit and berry, baked, butter dough, sourness of dried fruits, a little dried apricots
  • Taste: sweet with sourness, slightly tart, baked, caramel, nutmeg
  • Aftertaste: balanced, voluminous, oily
  • Infusion color: amber
  • The most suitable vessels for brewing: clay teapot, thin-walled gaiwan
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An extraordinary tea that energizes and inspires. A real holiday for the brain.

This is a product of the new possibilities of tea of the 20th century

Gaba is a tea that has been fermented under anaerobic conditions (without oxygen), as a result of which an increased content of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is formed in it. This tea is a pure anti-stress, it will help you relax and concentrate your attention.

Here is a product of experiments and discoveries of new possibilities of tea of the 20th century – Gaba Oolong from Mount Lishan.

Taiwanese cannot help but delight with their teas! Thanks to the complex two-hour processing of tea under anaerobic conditions (that is, without access to oxygen), the content of aminobutyric acid, which is so necessary for our body, increases in tea. This discovery was first made by Japanese scientists in the field of tea (Tea Research Institute), and subsequently this technology was introduced into Taiwanese and Chinese factories! Previously, you could only buy this tea in China, but now you can buy it anywhere in the world! We can say that Gaba Oolong has become the most popular tea in recent years!

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    Удачная ГАБА, и цена хорошая)

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