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  • Manufacturer: China, Kamjove company
  • Material: ceramics, glaze
  • Volume: 180 ml

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Dimensions10 × 10 × 9 cm




Chinese artisans believe that a work of art must have meaning, and that meaning should be positive!

The gaiwan is versatile, serving both as a teapot for tea ceremonies and for solitary tea drinking. Its matte exterior is adorned with a pleasing, textured, alkaline glaze. The lid fits well on the bowl, which in turn is securely held by the saucer. The delicate pattern adds a special touch.

The orchid, one of the Four Noble Plants, is a gentle and refined flower associated with spring. It symbolizes purity, hidden nobility, honor, perfection, and simplicity. In ancient China, scholars greatly valued the orchid, and to this day, it is considered a symbol of a noble scholar. Giving a gift adorned with an orchid signifies a wish for sons with high intellectual abilities. Beyond its positive human qualities, the orchid also represents femininity and beauty.

Brew your favorite tea not just tastefully, but beautifully!

This elegant porcelain gaiwan is perfect for brewing your favorite tea. It is very practical for everyday use, featuring medium-thickness walls and wide rims. The generous volume makes it ideal for tea gatherings with friends. Suitable for any type of tea.


  • Practical Design: Medium-thickness walls and wide rims for easy handling and durability.
  • Generous Volume: Ideal for sharing tea with friends and family.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for brewing all types of tea.

Elevate your tea experience with this stylish and functional porcelain gaiwan!

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    Юля Макогончук

    Удобная, красивая, большая…!

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