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Manufacturer: Japan
Fragrance: Mikan orange
Material: Wood pulp, essential oils, wood of fragrant trees (sandalwood, aloe, eucalyptus)
Place, production date: Japan, Tokyo
Quantity: sticks 40
Packing: Design cardboard, wooden box ceramic stand
Size: 15/2/3 cm.

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Dimensions15 × 2 × 3 cm

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An amazing aroma – Mikan Orange – if you suddenly feel longing and despondency, then the bright and explosive aroma of these citrus fruits will return you the joy of life and anticipation of the holiday, because it is the aromas of orange and tangerine that evoke us these joyful feelings. Checked – works)

We would like to say that we especially liked the fragrance of this particular series: it is like a symphonic work … holistic, rich and varied with overflows and modulations, with its main part of a recognizable fragrance!

Welcome to the world of “high” Kauragi fragrances!

The Japanese company Nippo Kodo (Nippon Kodo) has been creating unique flavors since 1942 that cannot leave you indifferent! They are deep and light, causing different sensations and they are able to change the world for the better, at least that’s what people who buy these incense say)))

Let’s share our impressions about each of the fragrances in our collection!

Description of the fragrances of the entire series:

  1. The most favorite flavor is pomegranate – it has both sourness, and sweetness, and a slight point! The scent of pomegranate is a holiday that never gets boring!
  2. The next fragrance – eucalyptus – takes you to the island of Madeira with a warm and slightly humid climate and dense eucalyptus thickets, where you can breathe light and free, whose foliage evokes a feeling of cleanliness and lightness!
  3. An amazing aroma – mikan orange – if you suddenly feel longing and despondency, then the bright and explosive aroma of these citrus fruits will return you the joy of life and anticipation of the holiday, because it is the aromas of orange and tangerines evoke these joyful feelings in us. Tested – working)
  4. Fragrance – Japanese rose – an unsurpassed fragrance, it is delightful and elegant, just like this flower itself!
  5. Aroma – green tea – very light, slightly tart, and just a little bit sweet! Gives a feeling of freshness and morning dew!
  6. Fragrance – white peach – Have you ever been to a peach garden during the flowering period? Have you ever picked juicy soft peaches?! If not, don’t worry, as there is a fragrance in our collection that will take you to a peach garden; and at first you will feel a light and delicate floral aroma, and then the aroma of juicy fruit will open 🙂
  7. Fragrance – wisteria – aka Wisteria, this fragrance creates an atmosphere of a cozy garden where peace and quiet are filled with gentle fresh scent of this flower!
  8. Aroma – narcissus – a refreshing, sweet-tart aroma of narcissus is perfect to start the day. Great scent with a refreshing effect.
  9. And of course – white sandalwood– a classic that will live forever) If you are looking for a fragrance of purity, nobility, clarity, then white sandalwood is exactly this fragrance! Light woody, slightly sweet, but unobtrusive, it is perfect for business negotiations, as it creates an atmosphere of concentration, but at the same time relieves stress!

“Kauragi” Japanese incense is stored in a wooden box, which is impregnated with the aroma of incense and helps to preserve the aroma of the sticks themselves.
Each box contains 40 sticks; average burning time of one stick is 25 minutes!

Recommendations for the use and maintenance of incense:

Use in a well-ventilated, draft-free area, the porcelain chopstick that comes with the set is best placed on a saucer to avoid scatter of ash. If the room is very small with poor ventilation, it is enough to use half a stick.

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    Сладкий, цветочный, цитрусовый, свежий аромат.

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