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Volume: 240 ml
Manufacturer: China
Dimensions: height – 7 cm, diameter – 8 cm
Material: Ceramics, clay

This teapot will ideally reveal the high notes of aromatic varieties. Suitable for brewing one type of tea – Shu Puer and red tea.

The volume allows you to easily brew tea for a company of up to six people.

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Dimensions6 × 9.5 × 6 cm

Ceramics, Clay, Glaze


240 ml


The teapot, with a volume of 240 ml, is made in the shape of a Japanese teapot – Kyusu, the distinctive feature of which is an elongated side handle attached to the side at an angle of 90° to the spout.

Japanese teapot with side handle Kyusu Yokode! Perhaps the most common type of Japanese teapots. After all, traditionally, more than 90% of teapots that are produced and used in Japan have a side handle. This form of teapot was the result of the evolution of the diao ladle, which has been used since ancient times in China and then Japan for preparing medicine.

The kettle has a good drain and a tight-fitting lid with a hole for steam to escape. The lid of the teapot fits perfectly, which makes the teapot a quality tool in the hands of the tea maker. The outside is covered with glaze, which makes it possible to maintain the temperature. And inside the teapot, the bottom has a slightly convex shape in the form of a spiral, made on a pottery wheel.

Using the side handle, it is convenient to pour tea by holding the kettle by the handle with one hand and holding the lid with the other. The kettle handle is attached in such a way that the stream is directed towards the person brewing tea. So, when drinking tea, the brewer can feel like a guest himself and therefore the name of such a form as “hermit’s teapot” is often found.


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