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Volume: 200 ml
Manufacturer: China
Dimensions: height – 6 cm, diameter – 9 cm.
Material: Qiqi ceramics

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Qing Qi



Teapot Description for Tea Brewing

This elegant teapot, made from cracked celadon ceramic, is an excellent choice for brewing tea. The unique appearance of the teapot is enhanced by its special glaze, which creates a “cracked” effect. These cracks, characteristic of celadon ceramics, not only add aesthetic appeal but also highlight its traditional origin.


– Volume: 200 ml, perfect for brewing tea for one or two people.
– Material: High-quality celadon ceramic, known for its heat-resistant and durable properties.
– Design: Smooth surface with fine cracks, creating a unique pattern on each piece.
– Handle and Lid: Ergonomic handle and tightly fitting lid ensure convenience in use and prevent spillage.

The teapot is suitable for brewing various types of tea, such as green, black, oolong, and pu-erh. Due to its heat-resistant properties, celadon ceramic allows for even heating of tea leaves, which helps in fully releasing their aroma and flavor.

This teapot will not only serve as a functional tool for tea ceremonies but also as a stylish addition to your tea set, adding a special charm and coziness to your tea drinking experience.


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