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  • Manufacturer: China, Zhejiang, Luncyuan
  • Volume: 180 ml
  • Dimensions: Height – 7.8 cm, Diameter – 6 cm
  • Material: Ceramic, Qing Ci glaze


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Dimensions7.8 × 6 × 3 cm

celadon, Ceramics, Glaze, Qing Qi

Трещинки на глазури


Luxurious tall tea cups with thick walls for the warmest teas.

Qing Ci green glaze has been highly valued in aristocratic circles. Sages of the Tang dynasty believed that different shades of green beneficially influenced the drink, imbuing it with auspicious Qi energy. This color resembles jade, the most precious stone in China.

The cup’s walls are abundantly covered with crackles known as “crackle” patterns. Over time, these cracks will be tinted with tea. This technique originated during the Jin dynasty (265-376 AD) and flourished during the Yuan dynasty (1127-1368 AD). It was during this period that Luncyuan became a center for celadon production.

Celadon refers to ceramics with Qing Ci green glaze in Europe.

These cups possess three distinctive features:

  • Thick walls that heat up slowly and retain warmth
  • Winter cup shape (where the cup’s walls do not spread like a flower but rather slope inward), preserving the aroma inside the cup
  • Enchanting color of the cup that enhances the drink, making it hard to part with such a cup 🙂


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    Дивные пиалы
    То что прям искала
    Горячая вода не ощущается, хоть я и переживала за этот момент

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