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Manufacturer: China
Volume: gaiwan -150 ml, bowl -100 ml.
Material: ceramics, celadon
Dimensions: height – 9 cm, diameter – 7 cm

You can take it with you, that’s why this gaiwan has a second name – traveler’s gaiwan.

For ease of use, “ears” are attached, by which you can hold the gaiwan and not get burned. Great item for tea lovers!

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Dimensions9 × 9 × 7 cm

celadon, Ceramics, Glaze, Qing Qi


An excellent solution for quickly and correctly brewing tea.

There is a gaiwan with a sieve on the lid, and a beautiful, comfortable cup
You put tea inside, add water, cover with a lid, leave for a few seconds, pour the infusion into a cup and drink.

This brewing set is very pleasant to the touch and beautiful!
Vessel volume: 150ml
Bowl volume: 100ml

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    удачное сочетание чашки и гайвани)

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