2 000 /50g

  • Translation from Chinese: Dragon Well from Xi Hu Lake
  • Place, date of production: Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou City, March 2024.
  • Type: Green tea
  • Appearance: flat tea leaves; for the best Xi Hu Long Jing, small, no more than a centimeter buds with two newly opened leaves are collected
  • Aroma: exquisite, with a hint of orchid flower scent
  • Taste: soft, clean, fresh
  • Aftertaste: bright, refreshing
  • Infusion color: bright azure, bluish-green
  • The most suitable vessels for brewing: ceramic gaiwan, thin-walled clay teapot
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Not just tea, but a treasure.

One of the most famous and noble teas. Xi Hu Long Jing is rightfully titled “Famous Tea of China.”

The famous poet of the Song Dynasty, Su Dongpo, wrote the following lines: “I want to compare Xi Hu with the Western beauty… A beautiful tea is always like a beautiful person.”

Xi Hu Long Jing tea has been produced since ancient times in the mountainous areas near Hangzhou’s West Lake. During the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Kangxi established a traveling residence in Hangzhou, known as the “Emperor’s Palace on the Move,” and included Longjing tea in the list of tributes.

This is a true treasure that cannot be overestimated!


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