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Pu’er from Old Trees of Mengku “Honey Aroma”

  • Production Location, Date: Yunnan, Lincang, 2015
  • Type: Sheng Pu’er (Raw Pu’er, Green Pu’er)
  • Appearance: Large buds and mature Sheng Pu’er leaves, with some stems
  • Brew Color: Amber Taste: Smooth, fruity, buttery
  • Aftertaste: Long-lasting, nuanced
  • Aroma: Dried fruits, raisins, herbal smokiness
  • Most Suitable Brewing Utensils: Gaiwan or clay teapot for Sheng Pu’er
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Tea harvested from old tea trees in the Mengku mountains, the most renowned tea location, and pressed and packaged at the Huitong factory in Lincang city. The Huitong Tea Factory, established in 2004, produces Pu’er, red, and green tea under the “Bao Dao Shan” brand. It has an organic tea plantation of over 200 hectares, where high-quality tea leaves are harvested. All products under the “Bao Dao Shan” brand are known for their good quality and affordable prices.

The tea grows in a subtropical climate. This climate is characterized by warmth and mildness, with no significant temperature fluctuations, allowing tea to be harvested for eight months a year. The best tea is rightly considered to be the spring harvest, during which the most delicate and aromatic tea shoots are gathered. The tea grows at an altitude of 1000-2000 meters above sea level.

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