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  • Translation from China: Red tea with the aroma of rose flowers
  • Place, date of production: China, Fujian Province, spring 2024
  • Type: Red (black) tea
  • Appearance: Fujian red tea consisting of dark leaves and reddish delicate buds
  • Aroma: Floral, roses, berries
  • Taste: Rich, fruity Aftertaste: Sweet, rich
  • Infusion color: Ruby
  • Most suitable teaware for brewing: Gaiwan, porcelain teapot, or Yixing clay teapot
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Tea that lifts the spirits. Naturally flavored tea. One of the few floral teas that is on par with teas in China and, when combined with red tea, creates an amazing duet.

When rose meets red tea, a magical tea is born.
Mei Gui Hong Cha is beautiful and unique. Chinese rose from Shandong province together with red tea from Fujian province – this is naturally flavored tea.

Preparation of red (black) tea in a glass with a lid:

Take a glass and rinse it with boiling water.
Pour the tea at a rate of 2-3 grams per 250 ml.
Rinse the tea: pour 1/4 of the glass and immediately pour it out, holding the lid to steep.
Pour boiling water at 95-98 degrees and steep for 2-3 minutes.
Enjoy your tea. Happy tea drinking!
Features and beneficial properties of red (black) tea Hong Cha
Red tea in our region is called black because of the color of the dry brew, but in China it has always been called red – Hong Cha because of the color of the infusion. This color is formed due to the high degree of fermentation of tannins in the tea leaf, and this is the strongest fermentation among all the variety of tea types.

Being fully fermented, red tea – Hong Cha, compared to its counterparts, has a number of unique properties: it has a denser infusion, is easy to prepare, has a bright, well-recognizable taste-aromatic bouquet, its taste is familiar to many from childhood.

Here are the main beneficial properties:
Antiviral, anti-cold helper for the immune system.
Acts as a physical stimulant.
Speeds up metabolism, aids in digestion, promotes bile bladder activity.
Contains a large amount of antioxidants, promotes cell renewal.
Contains minimal caffeine. Therefore, it is recommended for people suffering from insomnia.
Good for strengthening bones and improving dental health, as it contains such beneficial minerals as manganese, calcium, fluoride.
Has anti-spasmodic properties, relieves abdominal pain, regulates bowel function.
Relieves stress, nervous tension, regulates blood pressure.
Speeds up metabolism in the liver and helps lower cholesterol levels.

2 reviews for Loose Red (Black) Tea “Mei Gui Hong Cha” (No. 150)

  1. Eng


    Ароматизированный чай. Очень хорош, когда надо заварить по простому))) Не капризный и стойкий!!!

  2. Eng

    Ganna Sukovatenko

    Красный чай с легким ароматом розы. Беру его, когда приходит большая компания гостей. Особенно женский пол..Заварить вкусно европейским в большом стеклянном чайнике, водой 85-90°. Спасибо что у вас есть такие разные чаи, на любой вкус и кошелек!

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