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2 000 /50g

Aged Sheng Puer pressed in bamboo

  • Place, date of production: China, Yunnan, Xishuangbanna, 1989
  • Type: Aged Sheng Puer (Shen Puer, green Puer, raw Puer)
  • Appearance: Fine raw material – beautiful, selected leaves from old trees
  • Liquor color: Dark amber, deepening with each pour
  • Taste: Rich, smooth
  • Aftertaste: Long, soft, pleasant, velvety
  • Aroma: Juniper, moist earth, autumn forest
  • Most suitable utensil for brewing: Gaiwan or clay teapot for Sheng Puer, can also be brewed over an open flame.
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The best Sheng in the collection and one of the best teas in the entire club!

This is a very exquisite tea. Restrained yet simultaneously expressive, delicate yet rich. It’s the kind of tea you want to drink again and again. It immerses you in a deep state of contemplation. The sounds of music become louder and more expressive.

The raw material for this tea comes from the leaves of tall old trees, which in China are called “Tiao Mu” (乔木).

Sheng Puer Brewing Method:

Take a cup and rinse it with boiling water. Add tea leaves at a rate of 2 grams per 250 ml. Rinse the tea: pour 1/4 of the cup and immediately pour out, holding the lid to retain the brew. Pour boiling water at 85-95°C and steep for 2-3 minutes. Drink. Enjoy your tea!

Features and beneficial properties of Sheng Puer:

To the taste, young Sheng Puer may seem sharp both in taste and in its effects. The effect of such tea is similar to green tea and generally invigorates well. Thanks to the “original energy of wild mountains,” such tea gives a strong “tea state”: fills the body with energy, clarifies the mind, and lifts above the mundane hustle and bustle. Aged for 4-5 years, Sheng Puer has a darker infusion and becomes more interesting; the taste and aroma of such tea have many nuances. But the real treasure of Sheng Puer is revealed after proper storage for 10 years or more. Then the prefix “Lao” is added to the name of the tea, which means “old.” Genuine Lao Sheng is highly valued; it is often very difficult to find among the numerous counterfeits. Most Lao Sheng teas are now stored in the tea collections of Puer connoisseurs.

Here are the main beneficial properties:

Thanks to the raw material from old tea trees with powerful and deep root systems, many unique beneficial substances accumulate in the leaves. Leaves from Yunnan tea trees are larger and have a more powerful antimicrobial activity. The quality of the raw material for Sheng Puer has a decisive importance, so it is taken very seriously and attentively. Sheng Puer can improve the taste quality and beneficial effects on the body over time with proper storage. Young Sheng Puer in terms of the content of catechins is not inferior to green tea varieties, and catechins have a powerful antioxidant, anticancer, detoxifying, and antiradiation effect. A special combination of polyphenols contributes to the improvement of digestion and the endocrine system. It is considered a strong energizer: a rich composition of vitamins: C, PP, and group B; as well as minerals: calcium, manganese, zinc, copper, iron, sulfur, fluorine, and phosphorus; a variety of enzymes, tannins, resins, ethers, alkaloids, including theine (an analog of caffeine) along with amino acids – all this will give you a charge of energy for the whole day! However, Sheng Puer should not be consumed on an empty stomach – this can lead to pain and discomfort, contributing to the exacerbation of gastritis

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    Пощастило скоштувати цей чай на четверговій чайній дегустаціі у Чайному клубі! Це просто неймовірний стан прозорості, чистоти, ясності. Смак з глибоким димним шлейфом. Аромар густий і водночас легкий, відчувається щойно вялений чорнослив.

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