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Translation from Chinese: Pu’er Tradition Storage

  • Place and Date of Production: Yunnan, Yunde County, Xiuling Factory, 2017
  • Type: Shu Pu’er (Shu Puer)
  • Appearance: Medium compression, large and medium leaves, quite a few buds
  • Aroma: Woody with notes of nuts and dates
  • Taste: Rich and full-bodied, with a slight astringency and tanginess
  • Aftertaste: Long-lasting, with a returning sweetness
  • Color of the Infusion: Brownish-maroon
  • Most Suitable Brewing Vessels: Clay teapot for Pu’ers or a gaiwan with thick walls, fireproof kettle (for boiling)
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High-quality black Pu’er for everyday enjoyment. It has a classic nutty aroma, sweet, delicate, and soft. Contains many downy buds.

This tea is not one of those that need to be warmed with your breath for a long time to feel any aroma; it exudes fragrance straight from the package!

It brews excellently using the traditional method, regular steeping, and even boiling. Such versatility cannot but delight 🙂

1 review for Tea Shu Puer “Jin Hao” 2017 (No. 210)

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    Аромат та смак свіжої деревини. Є терпкисть, але не сильна. Краще брати менше чаю ніж зазвичай радять.

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