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Puerh Cake “Nomi” (№2013)

  • Place, Date of Production: Yunnan, Yunxian National Eco-Tea industry CO. Ltd factory, Yun district, Lincang village, harvested in 2013, pressed in 2019.
  • Type: Shu Puer (Shu Puer)
  • Appearance: A small cake, weighing 100 grams, consisting of large dark chocolate-colored tea leaves, with visible leaves of Nomi grass in the blend.
  • Aroma: Roasted rice, sweet and rich.
  • Taste: Soft with a light smokiness and hints of roasted rice.
  • Aftertaste: Nutty-woody notes combined with sticky rice accents.
  • Liquor Color: Dark chestnut.
  • Most Suitable Brewing Vessel: Gaiwan with thick walls, fireproof teapot (if used for boiling).
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 Nomisyan Shu Pu’er Tea

Prepare to be amazed by this Pu’er tea!

The first thing you’ll notice when holding this pressed Shu Pu’er tea is its rich and enduring aroma, and we’re confident you won’t immediately identify what it resembles 🙂

It resembles the aroma of roasted and cooked rice! This scent arises from the leaves of the Nomisyan plant (Ophiorrhiziphyllon macrobotryum Kurz), also known as sticky rice tea leaves, which grow in Yunnan, Burma, and Thailand.

Nomisyan is a low-growing herb, reaching a height of 30-60 cm, known for its distinctive aroma and sweet taste of sticky rice. It has been used both as a tea beverage and as a traditional medicine remedy for ages.

Nomisyan is beneficial for health, improving liver and gallbladder function, alleviating blood stasis, and cleansing blood vessels. Nomisyan leaves are processed as tea leaves and then pressed together.

The result is this therapeutic Nomisyan Shu Pu’er tea.

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    Аромат конечно специфический, но состояние отличное 😉

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